Weekly Maintenance Services


My specialty is developing long-term relationships with my clients who care about their cars.  With a weekly maintenance plan, I come to your home or office and take care of your vehicle on a regular basis – and at your convenience.

Minor detailing is done as needed on a weekly basis and this keeps your vehicle looking sparkling clean and like new.  How nice is it to drive a clean car?!

One of the benefits of regular service is that the areas of your vehicle that need the most attention, such as light-colored floor mats or windows, receive that attention every week.  For other areas that don’t need as much, you aren’t paying for cleaning that is not needed.

Because your vehicle is being maintained in top condition each week, the need to pay for major detailing services throughout the year is significantly reduced.

You will have a reserved weekly appointment time that is convenient for you, which provides freedom from the hassle of coordinating to make appointments.

I am prompt and strive to arrive within 30 minutes of our scheduled appointment time.

With a weekly maintenance plan, you never need to be home or interrupted to have your car cleaned.

Reduced rates from regular detailing services.


Call to discuss a personalized weekly service to meet your needs!

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